We develop luxury living spaces to live, rent and invest in.

We specialise in creating value through planning and development of residential and commercial property acrosss London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

A Luxury PROPERTY Developer in London that you can Trusts

At Fitzrovia Property Development, our mission is simple we want to deliver exceptional residential and mixed-use property developments. With extensive industry experience, our team has an in-depth working knowledge of property-based investments, planning, development and operational opportunities that is second-to-none. We stay abreast of our competitors and maximise returns by being flexible, fast and forward-thinking. Since we began, our objective has been to build market-leading new homes in the next locations where people would want to buy, live and invest, at highly competitive prices. Visit our site regularly for our latest offers, Buy-to-Let opportunities, newly featured developments and pre-release information on new build homes and future developments.
Delivering Exceptional Living Experience

what we do


We recognise the complexity involved in the planning of any site. Our dedicated land and planning team undertakes a rigorous process of site assessment, scheme development, pre-application, scheme refinement and then a full application for each of our sites. We stay heavily involved in the planning process throughout, working closely and collaboratively with our team.


Working with industry-leading suppliers, we ensure that all of our homes are designed appropriately and innovatively, with intricate detailing and unique features where appropriate. We go beyond what is expected of a new homes developer, producing design-led, architectural spaces that are distinctive and functional.


Ultimately we aim to design highly efficient properties, that not only help our clients live cleaner and greener, but also provide a highly sustainable way of living both economically and environmentally, while contributing a positive implication towards climate change. By designing for efficiency and anticipating future technology, we also make it easier for the homeowner to reduce running costs and minimise their future environmental impact.